MORPHINE SULFATE- morphine sulfate injection, solution 
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Parenteral drug products should be inspected visually for particulate matter and discoloration prior to administration, whenever solution and container permit. Do not use if color is darker than pale yellow, if it is discolored in any other way, or if it contains a precipitate.

Carpuject™ Single-dose cartridges with Luer Lock are packaged in a Slim-Pak™ tamper detection package. Note that a needle is not included.

Instructions for using the Carpuject™ Syringe are available with the reusable Carpuject™ Holder, List 2049-02.

Carpuject™ Single-dose cartridges are to be used ONLY with Carpuject™ Holders, List 2049-02.

To prevent needlestick injuries, needles should not be recapped, purposely bent or broken by hand. Blunt Cannulas should not be recapped, purposely bent or broken by hand.

NOTE: To prevent needlestick injuries, needles and blunt cannulas should not be recapped, purposely bent, or broken by hand.
To Use iSecure™ Syringe
1.Remove green tamper evident band in a clockwise motion.Figure
2.Depress (Push) the plunger rod. This will loosen the plunger rod that is located on the outside of the syringe barrel so that the plunger rod can be removed. This will also engage syringe.Figure
Remove the plunger rod.Figure
Insert the plunger rod into the back end of the syringe barrel and turn clockwise 2 to 3 times to attach.Figure
BEFORE REMOVING LUER TIP CAP, hold the syringe with tip cap upright. Press syringe plunger until plunger moves slightly. This motion breaks the seal between plunger and syringe barrel.Figure
3.Twist the luer tip cap clockwise or counterclockwise to break the tamper evident label. Remove luer tip cap and discard it.
Expel the air by pushing on the plunger rod.
Attach needle or blunt cannula if required.

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